Dating a friend/coworker with "Issues". Need some advice.

I have this friend that I started out as a coworker. I never thought twice about her till she started hardcore started flirting at work with me. When we gonna date?, pinch me in the ribs, winks, you look so much like jason segel, he's so handsome and such. So this has been going on for a solid 3 months now and she invited me to hangout and another coworkers. I arrive at the place and they're both plastered and she can't keep her hands off me. She's kissing me, groping, and such. So this happens two or 3 more times over a month or so, and I initiate the whole wanna come over, hangout, cook some food like a mini date. She always tells me how much she likes me when she's drunk and wants to date blah blah blah, but when she's sober she just apologizes for her actions and I can't get her to have "the talk" with me. She always gets some reason to scoot around it or blow it off.

Weve been texting nonstop for a good 2 months, like I racked up a solid 2000 texts with her last month, and its the whole How was your day?, what are you up to?. Very enthusiastic to the point of sounding fake.

I don't have a lot of free time since doing a ton of overtime at work. When I have a day off I want to hang out with friends the night before or with her and stay up late and just chat/snuggle. I try to work it so I ask her when she has a day off and we can both stay up and she can possibly stay over the night.

I just feel somethings weird, because I'm the first person she calls for a sober cab, and I taker her back to my place cause she wants to snuggle all night in bed, hold hands, kiss, talk but when it comes to me asking her for a ride for me and some friends, its like pulling teeth.

I'm a very independent person, I do my own thing half the time and with buds the rest hanging out, but when it comes to mixed signals and girls not owning up and spitting their intentions out, it drives me f***ing crazy, literally. I've made my intentions clear. I want to spend my free time with her when I can, cook for her, take her to the movies or a concert.

**Note, her dad was an alcoholic and died from syrosis of the liver, So I'm guessing daddy issues come into play even though she says she's and "independent woman"

Any advice would be greatly appreciated about this subject. Do I need to try and have the talk with her in private, cut the cord completely, or anything else you can think of. Thanks


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  • It kinda sounds like she is using you in a way. She might want to be with you, but she has an odd way of showing it. You really have to talk to her, based on the conversation you two have, then you know whether to cut the cord or not. She might just want to be friends with benefits, and that road is up to you.


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