New Boyfriend, are things going downhill or am I paranoid?

Ok I've been dating a new guy now for about two months. Things started off moving fast, he wanted to get me a key to his place within the first week. We met online and he lives 100 miles away. I haven't been seeing him to much lately. He says he has been working a lot. I'm not so sure. I want to believe him. We are in almost constant contact during the day and until one of us goes to bed. He has been asking me to wake him up in the morning because he is so tired he's not hearing the alarm clock. I think he may be seeing someone else or worst I might be the someone else. So could that be the case? I have keep things at his place, toothbrush, body wash, medication, clothes, ect. He never did get me a key. Also he did warn me about things getting really busy at work. But I don't know if he said that just because he would need an excuse later on or what THANKS GUYS


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  • Sounds like you are paranoid! I'm in a similar situation, and have made the same assumptions, only to find out that my own insecurites got the best if me. Don't get me wrong, there are some bad people out there.. However, if he warned you about his intense work habits prior to, he depends on you for a wake up call, and you keep personal effects at his house.. You're over thinking it! The fact that he isn't hearing his alarm clock tells me that he is overloaded with work, and considering you call him for a wake up tells me he has no one else he can trust with such an important tasked. (If he had other women, they'd be waking him up!) Also if you're leaving things at his house, I'm pretty sure if he had someone else, they'd question it!

    • Thanks Jaybird! I really needed to hear that!

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