Will this give him the wrong message?

For the past day and a half, I have been texting this guy who seems really interested. He has already asked me to hang out twice and I couldn't. When he asked me out on a date, I told I wasn't ready for that just yet and told him I'd rather start at friends. He said "okay, let's start this over". So we've just been texting casually, but now he told me to "text him whenever I want tomorrow." If I do text him, will he think that I'm interested in him that way or will he still understand that I just want to be friends?


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  • I think he will still understand you want to be friends. You told him how it was and how you felt which is good. Never hold back saying anything.Always speak your mind.Since he knows your friends I don't think he will suspect you want anything more since you told him you wanted to start out as friends.Sometimes guys and girls try to rush these things.And sometimes you have to take you time to get to know somebody before you get serious with somebody.

  • If you're still not interested in anything further with him at the moment, don't text him. I mean eventually he's going to want to progress things, so it's best for you to avoid giving off the wrong signs while you don't want to move past being friends.

    From a guy's pov, the guy should've gotten the clue already, at this point he's acting a bit desperate, so the outcome for this situation is easy to see.


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