My ex-girlfriend and I are texting again?

Okay its been 3 weeks since we split. We hadn't spoken for days as I said il leave her alone after weeks of just annoying her, when all I wanted was her back. ANYWAY. She came on Facebook chat and asked me to text her, so I did, saying hello, she asked if I'm okay, I said alright I suppose. She said, what's up and I refused to tell her, as I didn't wanna cause more pain so I said it doesn't matter. After her asking 4 times I gave in and told her I missed her, rather a lot. But I didn't wanna tell you because I know you don't miss me, nor want to be with me anymore. She then said, I do miss you, just not the sh*t. I told her, that the sh*t was an old me and I'm now a different person (3 weeks of realizing what an ass I was helped me realize I needed to change) and I said thank you to her, for the best year and a half of my life so far, the memories and everything, and that she truly made me the happiest guy alive. And that despite it was my fault we split, I hope in the future she fnds someone nice, as she deserves it. She's beautiful, attractive, funny, kind, and a really nice person! She then put a sad face and said she will text me later after work. She text me after work, and we started havng a laugh, and started flirting a bit. She even said maybe to seeing me and that I told her to thnk about it.

(She even started putting kisses at the end of a text, which before when we spoke she was blunt) She eventually said she was going to sleep, and I told her to text me tomorrow f she wanted. She didnt, I text her, just having a laugh like the night before, and she's blunt. She's not who she was last night, still puttng kisses, so I told her to text me in a bit or something so I wouldn't annoy her. I really don't know what to think. The thing is, without sounding big headed, I know if we met up and had a laugh like old times, she would fall in love with me again. She always said I treated her like she never had been treated before, and I could actually tell she adored me. And I regret breaking her heart I really do, and would love for her to get back. (Reason why we split is on a previous question of mine) I'm kinda getting better at being apart from her, but at the same time I'm not forgetting about her, as I really did love her. What should I do. It would kill me if she was with another guy (I know its too soon now) but it would, and it would probably kill her if she saw me with another girl, and we both wouldn't be truly happy at all cause it felt like we were made for each other, and we wouldn't of even split if I hadn't of cocked up and ruined it. I just don't know what to think or what to do, I'm useless at stuff like this and all I do is over think things, or get my hopes up!


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  • OK I read your other post. Well she obviously really cares deep for you and she didn't want to leave you, she just can't trust you. Have you flat out asked her what she wants or how she feels?

    • I have tried but every time I mention us she says she don't know, it seems like she's scared of getting hurt (Not that I blame her) Last night we spoke about us, and almost convinced her to try again, she just kept saying she doesn't know, what do I do? I told her she won't know if she doesn't try, even suggested starting fresh on dates or something. Atm her phone has run out of contract and she can't talk to me till Sunday, I think she's realized I've changed, and that I've never been so sorry, but idk

    • Are you willing to wait for her and risk getting hurt? If yes, then just be friends and give her time to see that you have changed. Worse that can happen is you gain a lifelong friend who really knows you. Don't pressure her for a relationship, that will only show her that you want what you want and don't care how she feels. She knows how you feel, now its up to her to take the next step. Good luck. If you really love her, she'll see it and forgive you in time.

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