Do you find that dating/relationships move slower with shy girls?

For all of you guys who love shy girls, do you find that dating/relationships move a lot slower than those with more outgoing girls.

If so, do you think they move faster or about the same rate?

If slower, do you prefer it or is it an annoyance? Explain.

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  • Definitely.

    Speaking as a former shy girl...

    Shy girls hold back. They smother their possibilities :( There's a certain height of freedom and passion that has not set root in them because if it had it would have taken over and replaced that shyness. Shy girls also tend to lack that bit of fearlessness. That fearlessness and bit of a thrill streak is what can make a relationship and dating move along at a faster speed. Shy girls may be afraid to create that charming situation that makes a guy think ":) I want this girl to be mine."

    I think for many guys it can be annoying, but more so just frustrating. When you date someone, they like to feel like you're taking them on an adventure and that element can be lacking with someone who is so shy that they hold back various aspects of self. I learned the sad way: really take in my words :)


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  • yeah,the relationship does move a little slower,but it surely is worth the time

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