He still goes on the dating website

I met this guy online, and we hit it off instantly..we text almost everyday, all day. had a great couple of dates. the only problem is that he still goes on the online dating account..I sometimes go on just to see but don't really have any interest so maybe he is the same way? Or is he looking for better options?


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  • maybe he is seeing that you logged in recently? jk. If you haven't committed to a relationship or at least not to see other people, than that seems to the the norm. If you have committed, then you should confront him.


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  • I had this exact issue with almost EVERY guy I met on dating sites.

    Even after we declared ourselves a couple, my friends would say "Hey, he was on *such & such* tonight for a long time." My friends were the ones telling me because I would stop getting on there after I met someone I really liked. I stop browsing very early on, that's just how I am.

    I made jokes about it to some, and boldly confronted others. One guy said he just got on there to answer a message and tell the girl he was in a relationship. That *could* be true, I suppose. But I don't buy it.

    Sadly, I do think it's because they're on the prowl and constantly looking for the best they can find. Women are guilty of this as well.

    BUT, if exclusivity hasn't been declared, *technically* he isn't doing anything wrong. I'm the type that would still feel a little hurt by it though.

    Good luck!

    • Exactly. Since it has only been two dates, I wouldn't even classify us as even "seeing" each other yet, never mind dating. But I am starting to really like him..I am very arracted to him and can hold a conversation through out the day. But I did get hurt seeing him on there, like maybe he doesn't like me as much or he is like you said looking for something better. I don't want to bring it up cause I don't want to seem clingy..I guess I'll wait it out. Thanks for advice!

    • If you guys aren't an exclusive couple yet, you really don't have the right to confront him about it. But I definitely understand the hurt! So, I would say try not to think about it, continue seeing him and if it progresses and he's STILL on there all the time, THEN confront him and just ask. Until then though, grit your teeth and bare it, haha! I'm sorry though... but I think you'll be alright :-)

    • Grit your teeth and bear* it... typo, lol