My girlfriend wants to break up because I didn't remember the date of her birthday! Is she insane?

So before we got together, when we were casually seeing each other, I asked her birthday. Now we have been together for a month, she said she needed to ask me a question.

Her question was, "do you know when my birthday is"

this was all via text by the way

I said, I don't think you have told me. She replied that she did. Normally I save peoples birthdays instantly in my phone and hers was not there. It turns out we were in a movie theater when she told me, so I didn't pull out my phone and save it.

I did remember it was within the first 7 days of May, but that is not good enough for her. She was able to recall my birthday.

She told me that she "bet her love" that I would know her birthday. Now since I didn't know it, she thinks that we do not have a future.

Let me just add that I am 27, and this girl that I am dating is waay too young for me at 21. I am her 2nd boyfriend and I have had 6 or 7 girlfriends in the past. I am assuming she just has no idea what she is doing.

How do the rest of you feel about this? Is she being unfair? Am I wrong for not knowing the birthday?...or shall I say, am I wrong enough to have her break up with me?

And finally, is something I could say or do to try and fix this?

I need to add that her birthday is in MAY. She asked me this question yesterday! I didn't MISS her birthday.


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  • You need to find a girl a little more mature. That's nuts. I forget my own birthday sometimes & I know you didn't miss it but it's still over the top. No pin the tail on the donkey for you cause I bet your not invited to her birthday party now.

    • hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaaa

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  • The only dates you, as a boyfriend, are expected to know are: Her birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day, and your anniversary.

    That's four days of the 365 days in the year. And two of those you've known your whole life anyway. The least you could do is remember it.

    It's obviously important to her that you know it so you failed by not knowing it.

  • She blew it out of proportion. My guy might not remember every single important date, but he tries to show me everyday how much he loves me. I'll take that over remembering my birthday anyday

  • She was really overreacting. Mentally she may be too young for you if remembering a birthday is a deal breaker. I'm not telling you to move on but it's something to consider. As far as making it up to could promise her you'll never forget it again, let her witness you saving it in your phone, buy her a super happy belated birthday cake lol I don't know you're definitely not wrong though

    • her birthday is in May...

      I didn't remember the date...I didn't miss the actual birthday.

      I already promised I would never forget it again.

  • you can always just tell her you're bad with dates. she is taking it a little too personally maybe because she doesn't know how else to find out wether you are attentive to her. she is younger and not as experienced like you said. that she 'bet her love' on this is a little weird. knowing someone's birthday is little compared to how you actually treat them.


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  • You're insane. She's your (now ex) girlfriend.

    I know - as a man I'm also completely oblivious when it comes to anything to do with a calendar, but things like that you should remember.

    • Do you memorize every date of every girl you casually go out with? She didn't tell me the birthday while on a date.

      Also, I didn't MISS her birthday, it is in May. I just didn't remember the date when she asked me yesterday.

    • I certainly don't remember every number from the calendar but I certainly do remember the birthday of the girl I'm interested in.

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