How do you deal with drunken text regrets?

i sent a drunk text and instantly regretted it. what made is worse was I got no response. it wasn't anything dirty, or weird. I just sent a random drunken "hi. what are you up to?". I know he's never without his phone, and almost always responds to my texts, so it's very likely that he just ignored me. I don't really care about him not responding as much as I care about looking like a drunken fool. or worse, a desperate drunken fool. I mean, a midnight "what are you doing" text is pretty suspect. lol.

have you ever sent a drunk text that you regretted? I know many people have, but how do you deal with the next time you see that person? what if he brings it up?

Or have you been on the receiving end of a drunken text? did you respond or ignore them? did you mention it when you saw them again?

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So the update goes like this:

The next time I saw him, I tried to just act like nothing happened but he kept smirking at me. When he could no longer help it he asked me how my weekend was and laughed. I tried too play it cool, but there was no real way to. He claimed his phone was out of battery so he didn't get my text until later. I'm not convinced based on his response, but it does't really matter.

The moral is, I guess sometimes you just have to wear the egg on your face.


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  • Well, no, I have never texted while drunk. I usually keep my phone firmly in some pocket of mine while drinking, to keep it from getting lost and keeping it out of sight so I don't do anything stupid with it. But I have been on the receiving end of both drunken texts and calls. I usually deal with them without any special emotion of logic or anything. They are just like regular ones to me in a sense.

  • You really shouldn't be so worried over it. He actually MIGHT have not had his phone at the time or he might have been busy. People aren't on their phone 24/7 you know... and they really shouldn't be. The dependence and compulsions people have with phones is getting ridiculous. Hate going out with people these days cause most, even if there's a good conversation going at the table, are staring down at their phone for twitter or Facebook or some stupid sh*t instead of really partaking fully in the conversation at hand.

    • I actually agree with you about not being on the phone all the time. I think it's rude. He, however, is normally that annoying person you describe. Even takes the phone into the bathroom at home. A self-proclaimed addict. So the "might" is possible, true, but not likely.

    • Ah, well, maybe he was preoccupied talking to others on it or playing a game on it or something... I dunno.

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