He became distant and needs some space?

So I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 6 months now, and recently he pulled away. Two days go I have texted him first offering us two doing something, and he said he would rather be by himself tonight. I asked if he's OK and he said he has a bad day but is nothing to do with me and he will be fine,so I just replayed that he knows how much I hate being put in that kind of situation and he should think about me. He didn't text back, and hasn't called yet and its not the next day. I have no idea what's going on in his life atm, he updated his fb status that he's looking for a house to rent asap, I had no idea he's even planning to move out :|... I Haven't tried txting or calling him afterthat and I won't do that, however how long should I wait for him to try and contact me? Is he about to dump me :/? Does he just need some space away from me?


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  • Ok, there are a couple of things which I need to highlight for you. Take a deep breath and smile first. :)

    1) It's OK for your boyfriend to ask for some space. People feel stressed at times and need to have some quality time with no outer distraction even from the girl he loves. Girls, unfortunately, think that if a guy asks for space, then he's going to dump her or that he doesn't like to share things with her or that he doesn't love her.

    Things escalate pretty fast because girls worry alt and start to throw accusations like "You don't love me anymore", "You are going to dump me", "You are ceating on me with another girl". This only makes things worse because the guy feel pressured, suffocated and by who? The girl he loves, who is supposed to be the most supportive and loving of all.

    I know you have good intentions, but we have to put ourselves in guys' shoes in order to know how they think and try to make things work between us. Guys LOVE to have some space and if you try to sabotage it or try to pressure him into talking, he can give you the silent treatment or even think of leaving you (as you aren't loving and supportinf to him).

    You did accuse him and pressure him when he needed some space. He felt loaded with a lot of pressure so he chose not to respond. Why? because he will be nasty to you. He will be aggressive and he knows it will lead to bigger problems. He still loves you so he chose to calm down before he contacts you. Wise decision I must say.

    I advise you not to contact him. You made yourself clear that you aren't happy with the fact that he's distant. He knows it so there is no need to stress on it. Give him time and space to be able to sort his life out. He might be in need for peace..on his own. It's normal. It happens. There's nothing to worry about.

    2) Being mysterious is an awful thing especially between lovers and partners. Him saying that he wants to move out creates tension between the two of you. I think he's teasing you because he's angry that you tried to force him to talk. It's immature, but that's what he thought of doing in the heat of the moment.

    Just ignore what he wrote on Facebook. When he comes back into life, talk to him about it CALMLY without making it look llike an interrogation. Be sweet and indulge him a bit. In the middle of the conversation, just come up with whatever you want to say. Just don't forget to be sweet and all. He'll love you for being like that.

    All in all, I think you have to wait for him to contact you. Ignore all his trials to trigger you or to tease you. He's just angry at the world nowadays or something and felt pressured by you. Give him some space and time and when he chooses to contact you, be nice sweet and supportive but also voice your reason and whatever bothers you in a casual uninterrogative way.

    Hope this helps. :)