Been dumped around exam time and feel like sh!t. Any kind words of advice out there?

So my now ex-boyfriend and I (both 18) were together for about 4.5 months. Sometimes I had been thinking that he 'wasn't my soulmate' because that kind of connection was lacking, and I was unhappier than I should have been at times when I felt like he wasn't making the effort I was anymore, e.g. waiting for me after class. And lately I felt pressured for sex and had to tell him I'm not ready and only want that in a long-term relationship, whereas this could end due to uni but was all, "come on, satisfy me!" But despite all that, we did have some good times too. We just graduated from high school and I was figuring out which university to go to. He knew I was leaning more toward a university far away from his uni so I could study medicine. He is leaving in a few days to spend the summer in his home country and is coming back in 2 months for uni.

He wanted me to plan a last date before he goes overseas, so yesterday we went to see a movie, then had a meal and afterward... he dumped me. The odd thing is, during the movie he wanted to sit in the back row and he was cuddling and kissing me so I never saw it coming?! I mean, he knew very well throughout the entire date that he was going to dump me so to me, it makes the affection seem fake.. don't you think? I don't get it but he said he "didn't want to ruin our last date." And he it's because of different universities and also we are "too different," as in always have different opinions on everything, which is true.

I was planning to spend today studying for 3 exams I have over the next 3 days but how on earth am I going to concentrate? Already wasted yesterday only to get dumped. I am a very sensitive person so being dumped in the middle of exams is terrible. My grades are important to me, but I haven't been able to study for long today without crying in between. What if I cry in the exam halls too tomorrow? I thought breaking up with someone while we have exams is a big no-no. I wish I could hold off the heartbreak til exams are over in 4 days! I know I will be OK eventually but right now I'm in pieces. Any kind words of advice at all? :(


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  • I am semi in the same situation, soon I'll have my exam and recently we just took a break. I couldn't concentrate to study and have wasted 3 days... My exam is next week -.- I already spent two days with either my friends or family and tonight I'm just going to close my eyes and think what is important about my life, what should I focus on. Tomorrow morning I'm going to fully focus on studying and blacking out the rest of my feelings. I find that when my heart is busy thinking of depressing thoughts, music helps me block them.


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  • I've been in this situation as well.

    Use the emotions you're feeling right now, and pour everything you have into studying.

    Good thing about this is that it'll keep you busy. If you work a lot, your mind will be occupied by the lessons you're working on, and you will focus less on your past relationship.

    When my ex broke up with me, I told myself I'd show him I could be successful without him, so I worked harder. It paid off, and I could think about something else.

    You'll have the time you need for closure after the exams...

    I hope you'll feel better soon :)

  • My boyfriend of 2 years cheated on me and then dumped me in the middle of the exams for graduation. (In my country,this exam is very important,and it decides your future.)

    I'll tell you what I did. I separated myself. To the person that was heartbroken and only wanted to cry all day,and to the person that had her eyes on her goal and had no other concerns or feelings.. While studying I had my second mode 'on' and only concentrated on passing the exam. Before I fell asleep I turned the first mode on and cried my eyes out.

    Anyway.Fact is I succeeded . But after the exams ended I was really a mess. The thing I did wasn't very healthy for my mentality.

  • Keep yourself busy and yourind busy

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