If you weren't interested in a girl would you text them all day, every day?

I met a guy online about two weeks ago, and since then we have talked almost everyday. We talk all day, about anything from school, family and even flirting. We went on a date and it was great, no awkward pauses and he texted me right after saying he had a good time and we have spoken everyday since and made plans for a second date. However, with all that I am so hesitant to like him and hope things happen with us.

About a year ago, I met a guy who was so attractive and funny. We went on 5 dates and I was ready to date, he obviously wasn't and put me in the friends with benefits catagory. I stayed (stupidly I know) and was falling in love with him. He would constantly make plans and cancel them, he would never text back and ended up being a total a**hole. I was hurt so deeply by this.

At the same time this was going on, I found out that my ex (who I had dated for 2 and a half years) cheated on me, and I unknowingly slept with him a couple times after we broke up only to find out he had a girlfriend. I was mordified!

So I am finding it so hard to trust this new guy, when he goes out with his friends I immediatly think he is going to meet someone better looking (my self steem is shot). He still checks his online account so I think well he is clearly not into me and wants o meet someone else. And finally when he doesn't respond to my text I think he is ignoring me like the last guy, and not that he might be busy or something.

I don't know what to do, I get anxious when he doesn't write back and feel he is going to find someone so much better looking because he is so good looking!



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  • He is clearly interested in you. The challenge for you is to discern in what way he is interested in you:

    1: as a friend. Fairly self explanatory. He likes you as a person , but that is all.

    2: sexually. He want to have sex with you and has no other real interest.

    3 : romantically. He is interested in a relationship with you.

    2and 3 a very different for a man. What does he seem interested in about you? Your body/physical appearance / or is he interested in how you feel and your well being? When you know this, you'll know what he wants, the rest is up to you!

    You have had a couple of bad experiences, don't let that jade you. Also, to be fair to any man in his early twenties, even if He loves you and wants to be your boyfriend - he's still going to want sex, it just won't be his MAIN concern.


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