She still texts me, likes and comments on Facebook. Why?

We were hot and heavy for 4 months, it got serious pretty fast. She asked me after a few months after we had sex if I saw us being in a relationship. I definitely did, but we both agreed it wasn't the right time. About 6 weeks later, she began avoiding my attempts to see her. When I confronted her about it, she told me she wasn't ready for anything serious, and that she was scared. So I let her go and didn't give much of a chase even though I wanted to.

We stayed in occasional contact through texting and I never got over her. I called her a few months ago and told her how things still remind me of her and how strongly I really did feel about her. She said things also reminded her of me, it made her feel weird, but that she's in a different place now. She's with someone else now but said that we should stay in touch.

We weren't friends before the 4 month thing so I don't really see her as just a friend because our lips locked every time we saw each other. Why would she text me still and ask how I'm doing? Like, and comment on my Facebook posts?

I chat with her when she messages me, and clearly we still enjoy talking to each other but it's easier for me not to message her just because of how strongly I really did feel. :s I don't really want to ignore her messages either though, but should I?


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  • She seems very confused, I think the "I'm not ready for a relationship" translates into a female as: this is my final attempt to pursue you. Who know's, however given that you were not friends prior to your 'dating' means that she wants you around for something. Honestly, I know that there are many different reasons for her actions, however, here are the ones I believe to be most likely.(in no order)

    -she may be attempting to see if you care about her by talking to this other guy

    -she may be keeping you on the back burner (this could mean a number of different things, not necessarily bad, don't jump to conclusions, once again its just my input)

    -this other fellow could be someone from her past as well, she may be just trying to figure stuff out before she fully moves on.

    I think you should start talking to other woman, just to get on your game. This next part may seem counter-intuitive so really be careful how you implement this. Make yourself somewhat available to this girl. See how she responds, this will give you better insight to how she feels towards you. Good example: if you are nearby her work ask her if she wants to get a bite to eat/go for a walk. Be mindful of her responses, is she happy to see you. MAKE SURE YOU ARE THE FIRST ONE TO LEAVE (not in an a**hole way). If she doesn't text you within a couple of days, go with your gut, but I'd say you've done what you can.

  • She either really does want to stay friends and keep in touch. But I mean she still has feelings for you obviously and may be keeping you so when her other relationship ends you and her can be together.

    • I'm gonna just assume the friends part. The other scenario is not healthy for me to consider.

    • well that's lame, if you like her you should do something, instead of chuckin peanuts from the sideline. if you don't like my input, than forget it. but don't act like your helpless to this event.

    • Well I honestly don't think there's anything I can do. When she avoided me initially because she was scared and didn't want anything serious I wasn't going to force her to see me. She knows how I felt about her and that I still think of her. But she's in a "different place now" like she said.

      I'm not going to ask someone out who's not single, no matter who she is.