How to go from dating to 'girlfriend'?

whats normal? 2 dates, 3, 6, never? do you bring up being in a relationship or do you wait for her to bring it up? if you wait, what's the best way for her to bring it up?


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  • It's called the relationship talk. If you want to commit and feel that she/he will want to commit then you sit down and talk about it. Asking won't hurt, but waiting around will drive you crazy eventually.


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  • There's no standard. It just happens when both people agree they want to commit to each other and date exclusively. If you can't tolerate waiting on it, just ask the guy where you stand so you don't have to keep wondering and stress yourself out so much. It's much better to know, even if you don't get the answer you might want to hear. Trust me on this one. Closure is the greatest thing.

  • it depends on the situation. some guys might say their intention. I don't think there's a general rule here. ideally after a few dates the guy will ask you to be in a relationship. but a lot of times the girl might have to ask. it's scary but better to do it sooner than later although I would recommend not asking until it's been at least a month of dating and do not sleep with him first.