Was this a date? help please

so my cute friend that I've known for about a year needed a ride home as she lives a while away from me I said if you buy me a cheeseburger you got a deal. After class I asked if she still needed a ride home and if I get my free cheeseburger lol. She said yeah and smiled. she said isn't the guy suppose to be paying? then I was thinking is this a date? I thought we were friends. we flirt sometimes I guess but maybe she likes me?


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  • well, when a guy pays for me its typically a date but I usually insist on paying for my own stuff since I work.

    how was the car ride to her home? fun? did you enjoy yourself? chances are she might like you and the ride was an excuse to spend time with you or she could have legitimately needed a ride.

    also if she expected you to pay I think she assumes you like her or maybe she thinks guys are suppose to pay for a girl even if they are friends.

    i know this doesn't help much, but just analyze the situation. are you flirty? does she like anyone else? is she flirty with other guys?


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  • Maybe. Sounds like teasing.

  • one way to find out, ask her out on a date..

    just say, I was wondering if you would like to go out with me?

    take her out to do something fun, not a commen movie and dinner.


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