Why does he always text me when he's out and probably drunk?

At 3am he would either tell me on whatsapp how drunk he is and ask how I am or he'd comment on my fb pictures.

But we never really talk anymore. I know when I used to do that it was because I liked the guy a lot. But why do guys do this drunk texting?


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  • Observing my friends, 90% of them or more do it for a one-night lay. Though those same guys admit to enjoying a cuddle-bug.. Me myself and i, it's usually because I don't have the balls to tell her when I'm sober that I like her and want to hear what she thinks of me.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • haven't heard from you in a while :)

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    • you stopped talking to me lol

    • Wasn't your first comment related to a surprised reaction? That I was back again? :P I don't mean to disappear or to make others feel out of place. The truth is that I'm uncomfortable in my own skin and I try not to make other people awkward. I don't have the answers for everything, I'm not good in social situations, but I try my best and I am human. Combine that with a family that tries too hard to care about me and my personal affairs, and it makes for an interesting life.

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  • hes horny and is looking for someone easy to get his harmones out on sorry for the simple answer but it so true.

    • its fine, thanks for being honest :)

  • The same damn reason you used to..

    • Are you sure? It's not a booty call or a joke or something?

    • He wants to f*** you or he likes you.. I don't know but probably you in particular for w/e reason.

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  • I have a guy friend who does this...we won't talk for a while (we once went a whole month with no real conversations), and then out of the blue, he'll message me and he's usually drunk when he does it. We have great conversations, but typically outside of work he doesn't approach me unless he's had liquid courage first. For him, it is because he is pretty shy and doesn't know what to say...or at least that's how I interpret it.

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