Is this a good sign for me? I'm confused

A friend of mine tried to hook me up with this girl last time. We text a bit and stopped. Only till recently I've been texting her a lot.

For now I am always the one who initiate the texting and then she'll reply me. I even met up with her recently, just the both of us for the first time. She told me she had fun at the end of the day too. She even agreed when I asked if she wants to hang out soon.

Do guys always have to initiate the texting first? Or is it still early. I even tried not texting her for like 3 days and thinking that she will text me but it did not happen. Until I texted her back again then she replied.


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  • I have seen this myself. I am not really sure the logic behind it on the girls part. I ended up just asking her and she said she just kept thinking I would stop liking her so she always waited for me.

    • Hi. Thanks for sharing. By the way she kept thinking that you would stop liking her? As in she does not have any interest at you?

    • No in that No she was interested but kept think I wouldn't be.

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