Should I kiss him?

So, I've hung out with this guy a few times. He tried to kiss me once, but I was so nervous I pulled away. I let him now that it was not him, that I was nervous and caught off guard. I've only slept next to him once since then, and he still was a cuddler. I have never kissed a guy before, and I'm dieing to do it now. We don't talk much when we're around each other. I'm nervous and others say he's shy, or just doesn't talk much in general anyway. I guess I just wondered if he still wants the kiss. And if you guys think so, tell me how I should go about it. Or what would be cute. Or maybe if I should go for it, or ask if he dares to try again?


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  • Bring it up in a conversation. You guys have nothing to talk about any who. Why not talk about that? :) he may still be interested. You could try to kiss him. Just put your hand on his cheek he will get a hint :) Good luck

  • Think about when he tried to kiss you, what were you doing? If it were me, I'd let a similar situation play out and then try to kiss him. Or when you guys cuddle again just lean over and give him a kiss.

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