If a guy texts you late at night.. he is just using you?

This guy who supposedly likes me, which I am starting to doubt. texts me late at night. It is nothing sexual just talking.. and someone he says I'm gorgeous.. but last night he was sad, and I guess I made him feel better I told him not to thank me, cause what I said was the truth :) but then he never answered. so I guess he went to bed,

But I mean he doesn't really say goodnight, so I guess I should just leave this guy alone, or not answer if he talks to me late at night..

What do you think?


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  • Where do you get the link between texting late at night and using you? It's not even sexual.

    He likes you, he thinks about you late at night. He texts you, but no literal "goodnight", wouldn't matter I think, the fact still is that he texts you and so he thinks about you.

    • why do most chicks think like this? I was starting to wonder if their was something wrong with me for not thinking this way...

    • Why do they think like her? I don't know, it's easier to assume he's using you to save your heart or something?

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