Android help?????

So every time I take out my battery or shut off my phone and then turn it back on none of my apps work except my text messages but everything acts weird the time is way off also the month and it stays for hrs like that. I don't get why this happens any help?

Its a Pantech breakout 4g lte smartphone verizon


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  • Yes, brand and model will help. Normally the date and time will be quickly corrected by the phone network itself. If for some reason the phone is going back to a really old date, such as its build date, that might be confusing the apps until the date and time is corrected, because many apps have date functions built-in for auto-updating, subscriptions, and such.

    The problem you're having is definitely not normal; it sounds like somethings up with the phone, such as the capacitor for the clock not holding a charge, or the CMOS or whatever for the clock not working. Either way, it's a hardware problem.

    • Pantech breakout 4g lte smartphone

    • If it's stock, I'd take it back in and see if they can do a factory restore for you, or if they'll help you out some other way. It does sound like a hardware issue though.

    • Thank u

  • Brand and model of phone?


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