Would you date someone who is not in the right place mentally?

I meet this attractive girl. But she's not in a good mental space - her project sounds like the disaster of the century and she's got that zonked out look as if she's been on prozac. A lot of hidden resentment and bitterness seeps through if I read between the lines. Now I'm not a psychiatrist and I'm not diagnosing major depressive disorder and it clearly is circumstantial to her current bad situation in life, but even so it is a turn off for me?

I confess my way of life is to avoid unhappy people before they drag me down with them.


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  • I tried that and his issues caused him to make bad decisions with regards to us and I got really, really hurt. So did he but it was his decisions that caused us both pain. I won't do it again.

    • Great insight - it will be the person's decision making that really hurts you, because someone who's not right cannot adequately reason and decide and there's nothing you can do on your part.

    • It's a shame you have to offer a posteriori knowledge though.

    • No worries. I am stronger and smarter for it. Try keeping her in your life as a friend and see what happens after she is through all this. Don't wait for her though and see who you meet in the mean time too. Keep all doors open at this point because life does have a way of making things work out.

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  • Let's see.. and these are your words right there:

    good reason to date her:

    ~ she is attractive

    bad reason to date her:

    ~not in a good mental space

    ~zonked out look as if she's been on prozac [is that what you find attractive?]

    ~hidden resentment

    ~bitterness [is it possible that maybe you aren't reading between the lines correctly?]

    neutral reason to date her:

    ~current bad situation in life [should not affect your feelings toward her.. but what about all that other stuff?]

    When you say she is attractive, I assume you mean physically... but what about her personality? Sounds like if you are feeling uneasy about this girl, chances are you are not really attracted to who she is. If I were you, I would not date her, but if you see potential in her maybe a few dates won't hurt :) You should also try (politely!) to get her professional psychiatric help. Trying to get in a relationship with her might just put a lot of pressure on you to help her yourself-- which is not your role as a boyfriend nor healthy for you. good luck! :)

  • I would as I like to help but you said its a turn off so you shouldn't

  • no way but it depends


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  • A woman can be brain dead and guys would still date her. But if a guy is then no, unless he is very rich or attractive or both.