What does my ex want?

I was dating my ex for about 8 months, he was my first everything. He was the one that tried to get me I resisted at first, but how could I he was so sweet. Everything was good until trust issues appeared. We started fighting literally everyday. He left to his birthplace and when he returned things weren't the same. He started talking to his female friends more, It got me so jealous. Until he told me we had to talk and said he wanted to break up since we always argue and things weren't going to work out that he didn't want to end things with me but it was the best thing to do. Wtf!? I'm the type of person that believes in working hard and giving up being the last choice. he told me he wasn't going to see anyone and that he couldn't take the idea of me being with someone else just yet. What gets me more aggravated is the fact I never gave up on us, even when he did things that wasn't very much to my liking I was there!

So we broke up and I literally felt so bad, meanwhile holding my tears in front of him. He texted me the next day like he normally would. I ignored it. But a few days later he texted me insisted in hanging out so we did. We kissed and had a good time which was very confusing to me. So I called him and told him how devastating and confusing this was and that if I couldn't have all of him I wasn't going to settle for half. And that we should move on, that he can still see me as a friend and he agreed. Which was stupid of me, but I felt like there's nothing I can do. I've tried it all.

So here it's where it all confuses me, I started texting and seeing him less. And if there was a day I didn't text him he would text me angry asking why I wouldn't reply. I've tried the no contact rule but we see each other most of the times at class and his family is close to mine. He still checks my twitter and asks why I write most things, he checked my phone not too long ago trying to see who I was texting. And when I'm around him at class he's texting girls and trying too hard to get me jealous and I have to pretend like it doesn't hurt. if I'm texting some one he gets mad and asks me if that's my new lover? Why would he get mad when I text people when he does it freely? If I reject hanging out with him he gets mad and I told him why does this bother you so much? you were the one that broke up with me! And he got mad and stopped talking to me for a whole day but then called me... I feel like everything I do would get him mad. two weeks after the break up he pulled me in for a kiss, I didn't resist then walked away and he pulled me again for another kiss, it was so good I was shaking. He told me he missed me.

I don't know what to do, I just want him back but I won't tell him unless he tells me it cause I want to feel like HE wants it, not like I forced it out of him, help!


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  • You know what, I think you need to cut off the communication for a spell. Give it time. It seems like this is just dragging on and on, you need to get on with your life and find another focus.

    When the time is right you will find yourself in another relationship.

    Because he was your first everything there are a lot of emotional ties that make you fragile. You need to see the world a bit, and experience new things. Let yourself live. ^_^