What do guys like being called in texts?

what do they like being called back? Handsome? mister ___(fill in blank)? babe? What do you guys like being called?


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  • You're not providing enough context to give a specific answer, and I'm not sure there could be a real specific answer even with better context. There isn't really a magic term that guys all like being referred to as any more than there is a magic term all women like being referred to as.

    If you want a guideline though I would say it depends on your relationship. Using honorifics (unless it's part of a pet name) implies a degree of formality/separation you probably don't want if you're flirting.

    If you're looking for a pet name there's a long list of them that most men I know like. If you're stuck on one to use it's best just to let it flow naturally rather than trying to make a logical/rational decision. If it helps verbalize what you're trying to say to him and just use whatever naturally comes out of your mouth.

    Unless there's something fairly unusual being left out he'll probably be happy with anything complimentary you say as long as it's genuine and is a sign of what you really think of him.

    • I'm just looking for examples from you of what you liked being called from a girl you like

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  • well for me I don't care waht I'm called. if she's using pet names that's always a good sign so it doesn't really matter

  • It depends on the nature/length of our relationship. I might not use a pet name or babe or baby until a little later (maybe around the 3rd-4th date). But if he used it with you, you could use it back.

    But it's hard to tell without some context.


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