Why did he stop talking all of a sudden?

I met him. More like my cousins introduced me to him. I added him on Facebook Because I love to get to know people better. Then I decided to close my fbook and of course I msgd him first and then offered my number because I was closing it. He started texting me. A lot. Then couple nights later he wants to talk. We did couple weeks and honestly we always laughed and had a good time. Then couple days ago, outta nowhere..he stops. He will text one word when I text him but that's it. I called him and he didn't pick up. Am I being clingy? What did I do wrong? Am I not giving him his "space?" Should I tell him about it or will it make things worse? Or should I not text him at all? what is he trying to say in this? Like won't answer at all now. I just wonder what I did wrong. I thought I was giving him his space as well. He was the one who always called and texted first. Eh I just don't know what to do...

We broke up about new years. And yup he was cheating on me.


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  • I think your way over analysing this. Sounds like he is either busy and has no time for you or he is not interested.


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