I am out of ideas and need help on how to get her to go out with me!

There is this girl that I have been talking to since September. She messaged me on Facebook after I added her, since then I have moved to getting her number, and meeting up with her a few times and talking on the phone to her a few times. She seems to have a fun time when we hung out. We text every day, but I am the one that always has to text first, and carry the conversation along.

The first time we chilled outside and talked for a few hours, then we went back to her place and chilled some more, nothing major. Just trying to feel each other out. The second time we were hanging out at a basketball game, and we were with a mutual friend.

So my problem is I asked her out about a month ago(give or take a couple weeks), and she told me that she would, but she had "business to take care of first." Granted she had 2 weeks of tests and projects to do, but since then I haven't heard her say anything about it. I semi-reminded her by making a bet that involves me picking her food whenever we went out and I do something else. She seems into me, we have some interesting talks, but we almost never talk on the phone. Maybe 5 times total, but we text all day. So I am wondering if I should just give up on it, or ask her out again. Should I just bluntly tell her I am interested in her or just keep doing what I am doing? Also she is 3 years older than me.I don't usually put my self out for women like this but I think there might be something really there. I'm just out of ideas...


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  • tell her you really like her


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  • Seriously, too busy to have a cup of coffee with you? If she was into you , she would be with you. Simple.. Your there as an ego boost or a friend.

    Stop the textting and communication. If she feels you lost contact perhaps she will want to go out with you. Right now your on the back burner, so bring yourself to the front of the line..

    Good Luck.