Third date at his house. Ok or not?

So I met this guy online, and we hit it off right away.

We sent many emails, and talked on the phone a few times before meeting. On our first meeting the time flew, and we ended up hanging out (around the city) for over 5 hours. Then we got together a few days later, and again hung out (around the city) for over 5 hours. We still email everyday, sometime more than once, and we talk on the phone once a week (which I like).

We are still deciding if we want to date officially, so for the third date I suggested we stay in. We are going to hang out at his house and play video games, board games, and maybe watch a movie.

Now, I don't get any red flags from him, and I'm not afraid to go to his house. My thing is that I have no idea what the rules are for online dating. How do you know when to do things? Like go to their home?

Ok, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Even if you have you're own experience with a similar situation, it is appreciated.


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  • Being the super paranoid gal that I am I would tell a few people the address and number just in case. My fiance and I met online some 5 years ago. We dated a year and got engaged in November. We were friends for four of those years. :) I was one paranoid girl but it isn't impossible to meet someone great. Just be careful about it and let others know where you will be. I think that the online rules are the same as real life. Do what is comfortable to you in a smart way.

    • I too am a bit paranoid. However, I went on the date and I now realize that I had nothing to be anxious about - but I'm still on alert. Thanks for answering my question.

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