Three hour date, kiss, but no mention of future date.

Last night I had a first date and we sat and talked at the bar for over 3hrs and could've talked all night. As we were saying goodbye we each said that we had a great time. I hugged him and then he kissed me.

However he made not one mention of a future date or calling me or anything like that? Did he really have a good time or was he just trying to get something out of it by kissing me at the end?


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  • Wow...a kiss on the first date will scare many girls off. I NEVER talk about a future date while on a date, nor do I say I will call and when. I will normally thank the girl for the good time etc. In your case, only time will tell. Give him a week max, to call,I'm betting he calls, most likely texts much much sooner.

    • i am glad he was confident enough to kiss me. I can always tell when guys want to kiss me but dont. its more of a turn on when they want to and just go for it. he was very quick to say how much fun he had. we both kept each other laughing a lot and making dumb jokes.

      i guess we will see what happens! although I did see that later on that night he looked at my profile (I met him on a dating site)

    • In my experience, and reading tons of girls online profiles whom I'm attracted too, more times than not they will even write in their profile..."don't plan on a kiss on the first date". Unless a girl has very high attraction after just a few hours of meeting for the first time, a guy trying to kiss on the first meeting will probably get slapped, kicked and in the end rejected just from that one bad decision. IMO I doesn't hurt to show some class, and respect by waiting until the 2nd date.

  • This probably isn't enough info to be 100% but here are some possibilities,

    A. He likes you and is definitely interested, thinks a 2nd date is assumed with the kiss.

    B. He didn't have a good time, was being polite by kissing you, and it's no more fun with that guy.

    C. He didn't know how to transition from talking with you to more intimate stuff and after talking for 3 hours, it became more of a friend relationship, so he was nervous when he kissed you and forgot to mention a second date.

    My opinion is it depends on how he kissed you at the end of the night. It's A. if he kissed you and he obviously wanted more (sex). B. if it was like a peck on the cheek kiss. C. I guess both kisses are possible haha.

    Give more info on how the date went down next time =)!

    • Definitely not B or C. He didn't seem to want more when he kissed me. He did seem like he was attracted to me and even said so. He was very sweet and we talked about everything. He seemed very open about getting to know me but also shared a lot about himself.

      I initiated the hug and he pulled me really tight then hesistated a little and then went in for the kiss. Nothing super aggressive though.

    • Oh this is obvious! He's a nice guy, likes you a lot and was really nervous at the end because he probably doesn't have a TON of experience dating. If he DOESN'T call, I'd be really initiated the hug and then HE pulled you in really tightly and you guys kissed. You might have to make the first call to this guy...he sounds shy, but that can end up being a good thing.

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