Girl that I'm interested in is acting distant all of a sudden. Why?

I started talking to this girl about a week or so ago (via text and phone calls). Everything was great, but we live in two different states, relatively close driving distance considering. I met her about 4 or 5 years ago and then never spoke after that until recently. Her mom adores me and she was even telling me how perfect I was and "needing" to hear my voice before she went to bed. I thought things were going great and then yesterday I started to notice that she wasn't texting me as often and saying things that weren't pertinent to the conversation. She's acting distant all of a sudden and it's just ridiculously annoying. I've asked her why she's acting distant and I haven't gotten a response from her. Look, I could care less if she wanted to move on on a whim, but why do girls do this? Seriously?


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  • She might have other things going on in her life. I mean no offense but she might feel she's not able to tell you. If she likes you, like it seems she does, then she might not tell you because she thinks you would think differently of her. That or she likes you and doesn't think you like her the same way. So she might be doing it to protect her feelings. Call her up on a day you know she doesn't have something to do that way you can talk without any worry for time. Just say that you feel like you're drifting apart and don't want that to happen.

    Girls that do this usually do it to protect themselves. It's a defense mechanism to keep us from getting hurt. Hope this helped

    • I can understand that. The only thing that keeps me from completely entertaining this answer is the fact that she's extremely flirtatious. So I can't tell if I was a one week fling and nice to talk to, or if you're actually right. I think reality is setting in and I'm disappointed in myself thinking that our situation could end up working out. I feel like she's tugging and pulling at me, but always says the right things to keep me wanting more. These stupid games! Thanks Krissybabes4e :)

  • she might really like you.


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