Early dating.. Can women initiate? Did I initiate to much?

I'm dating a guy for only a week or two but we've hung out a lot.. He was sending me cute long texts like let's meet in our dream tonight where should that be? If we fall in love what should we be for Halloween? I want to be holding you right now etc.. Well he got sick last week and was unable to hang out (I do know he was actually sick).. I wanted to do something nice for him so I dropped off chicken soup, OJ etc with his doorman on Saturday.. He texted me back being really appreciative and saying how he still felt sick but was actually taking care of himself and would rather be feeling better and hanging out.. I sent him a few random funny things that happened that day (ex: I sent him a pic of a creepy looking guy who asked my sister out) to make him laugh and he didn't respond.. It has been two days.. Do I message him asking how he is or saying something cute? Do I wait for him to contact me because he may have been spooked by how fast things went or isn't interested in me anymore?


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  • Message him! Your letting the flames die out lol

    • it doesn't come off as needy if I did? Is he showing disinterest by not contacting me?

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    • I just texted him asking if he can do a phone date tonight.. I feel like talking will be more effective?

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