Is she interested or playing hard to get?

I met this girl of recent. it has probably been a week since I've known her. However the first 3-4 days were relatively good as we were active with our texting. Now she at a boarding school so she went home on the weekend and she took ages to respond to my text and she would come back and say "when I'm home I tend to be busy. she's currently back at school now. Now yesterday I sent her a message and she replied " soon talk to you, I'm really busy" . Tomorrow came (today) and she still haven't said anything to me. what to do?


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  • Could be many reasons

    I keep getting advice from women that the only way to get a guy is to play hard to get, personally I hate those games- if I like you and you like me lets just give it a try- but this game is well known among women and men, so yes maybe that is it.

    Could be she just wants to keep you on the back burner if the guy she is really into doesn't work out- again I see this all the time, and have to admit have done this in the past myself (not at all proud to admit that and wouldn't do it again)

    I also however have made excuses because I really liked the guy and was to nervous to move forward.

    Then there is she might just really be busy- depends on what her school schedule is.

    I wouldn't text her again, if she likes you she is going to get nervous and start responding, if she doesn't text you back its her loss!

    • Oh okay, so I can actually see she's reading my messages but just ignoring it. There is no way she can be that busy, she's not Barrack Obama. Anyways I've given up on texting her. If she's interested she'll come back I guess and yes its definitely her loss :).

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  • Maybe she's busy catching up with work? Don't text her again until she texts you back. You may sound a bit clingy after only known her for a week.

    • Why I'm like this is because I haven't met a girl with her kind of personality and she really seems focused and ambitious in life but however I'll follow your advise. I'll never text her until she replies.

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