First date.... nervous and unsure...

Met a guy last weekend. I've talked to him before, a few months ago but last weekend was the first time we really did ever talk. He asked for my number, I gave it. Now he wants to take me out to a dinner and dance next Saturday. I've never been on a date, only hung out guys in a group setting. I don't know him all that well. Sort of nervous. I like him, we had a good conversation but several older girls told me to stay far away from him so now I'm not sure (he's my age). They won't tell me why he's "bad news."

Should I go anyway? I'm driving myself there, so I can leave if it gets awkward or anything.


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  • That's a little confusing that they won't tell you why he's bad news. As far as I can tell, dinner and dancing isn't dangerous or anything. Just don't go to his house or any shady places. I think you should be fine so long as you keep aware of your situation.

    • These girls have had something bad to say about every guy I've ever hung out with. And so far they've always been wrong. In the last case, the guy they said to stay away from turned out to be the good guy and the one they "approved" was the bad one. I will be careful but I think will say yes. He treated me well this weekend.

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