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I have a class with this guy three days a week. 3 weeks ago I finally gave him my number. he texted me right away and we've literally been texting ever since...all day every day. Our conversations are like paragraphs, no one can believe how long his responses are to me. We talk about a lot and send random pictures messages sometimes of things we're doing. And he's sent me snapchats of him and his best friend. I've asked him to hangout and have offered him help with homework that he was stuck on and stuff but we haven't hung out at all. I'm really confused because I'm definitely into him, but I'm still not sure if he texts every girl like that or if he just considers me a friend or something? or he's scared to hang out with me? He lives so close. I've never had a boy problem like this before so I'm not really sure what to do about it. He also doesn't use Facebook or twitter much, but he does sometimes and we aren't friends on either one yet. I'm starting to wonder if he's just not into me or has a girlfriend that he might be hiding. I don't really know... helpppp :(


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  • ok first of all uses you rhead and realize that guys don't give mixed messages, they can lie but no mixed messages so forget the hidden girlfriend thing.

    Id say he likes you and is in the extremely lucky situation where being a nice and caring guy has made a girl like him.

    BUT the only way to find out is to tell him you've got feelings for him and was wondering if they are mutually felt.

    he can't text all girls massive paragraphs, takes too much time and effort surely


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