Would a guy introduce a woman to his parents to confuse her?

I was seeing someone who would tell me with his words how much he wanted a relationship with me and how he sees a future with me but his actions would never match up. We live far from each other so even though we had been in contact for several months, we only went on one date and after that date he took me to meet his family. He is VERY close to his family, especially his mother. So while I did feel kind of flattered he would introduce me, I did still question as to whether or not it was genuine because it was so soon. I am now starting to think he does this all the time with women. Do guys do this to make the woman they are seeing think it is getting serious/to throw her off? Do guys introduce EVERY girl they date to their family?


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  • Actions speak louder than words...

    However - I never heard of introducing on their first dates to their parents. Could be for him marriage at first glance. Your the one. lol

    Take it as a compliment and see if the sparks fly for you as well.

    On the second date - hear comes the ring...

    I guess your just that good! so smile...


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  • I would ONLY introduce someone to my family if I felt she was serious and long term. Otherwise, no.

  • You don't get serious after one date.


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