I don't know what to do....I need help before it is too late.

Okay, so I have been dating this guy for six months now. We have been to several dates, and talk almost everyday. On Friday we are going on a date together when I am sure he will ask me to be his girlfriend, but the thing is that I am not attracted to him (I have tried to ignore that, because I believe that beauty is from within) nor is he funny (very important for me when it comes to opposite gender). I don't know what to do? :( I already feel stupid leading him on the first placeā€¦..

I care about him, and is in like with him..just not in love.

We are together today. He means the world to me, and I accepted his flaws, because he accepted me :) thanks for the answers.


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  • cruel, just cruel. why do you people insist on doing this, god!

    beauty from within is very good point, but straight after you tell me he ain't your type on the inside...

    so if your not keen on the outside or the inside why are you stringing him along on so many dates?

    Poor guy ofc he's going to assume you will be his girlfriend you been dating him several times now and your going on yet another one with him!

    my answer: ITS ALREADY TOO LATE, cancel the date and stop going on anymore you will hurt him but youve left no choice now.


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