I need advice with this guy

So to keep a long story short I've been dating this guy for about 2 months. Instead of getting hurt I was kinda pushing him away and hurting him by not even realizing it and he always chased after me (I know I'm wrong for it). We saw each other the whole weekend and I freak over something stupid and later on called him and spoke to him. I slept over his house Sunday into Monday, I had work so I wanted to go home and relax before hand. He was sleeping an I didn't wanna bother him so he said what's wrong and I said I was leaving and he got all mad. He ignored me most of the day then that night into the morning I explained myself and he said it is what it is, when we were suppose to be getting closer you were pushing me away (which is true). He had to go to work and said text me if anything so I said don't be mad and he said I'll get over it. I texted him a few hours later wishing him a good day and he never responded and it's been 3 hours. Do you think he's lost interest or he's just mad? I'm open to hear opinions, thanks


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  • Most likely just mad,but if you keep pushing him away you will lose him.


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