I texted him first then he texted me back with weird messages

My ex and I broke up and wants to be friends. I decided to message him, then he went off asking very personal questions because I am going through a lot, like taking a break from school and working full time moving back to our hometown. I sent him a care package a few weeks ago because we were on "break" it wasn't a ploy to get him back but because he doesn't much to eat so I thought it would be nice to send him something. He knew that I sent it and said thank you. We Haven't talked until I messaged him yesterday and he brought it up and wanted to call me to thank me later and if that would be OK. I said sure. He hasn't called and Haven't pressured him to. Why would he do that he already thanked me, is this an excuse to talk to me? He says he misses me and what not. I see him during Christmas Break.


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  • 1Yes, he just wants to hear your voice. Nothing weird about that..and he also wants to know what you are going trough. It sounds like he wants to work extra hard at being a friend but that isn't weird either after a ore or less amicable split.

    Are you saying he's being clingy, and not recognizing that you are broken up? Sending him care packages also signals to him that at heart, you don't think of him as an ex yet! so now wonder he might be confused!


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