Would you date a guy on anti-anxiety meds?

I recently got started on Klonopin and Lexapro following a panic attack (history of generalized anxiety disorder for a number of years, have been off of all meds for a while).

Among my many worries is that if a girl finds that I am being treated for anxiety, she will run the other direction.

so... 2 questions:

1. would this be a 'sticking point for you?'

2. should I tell her about my situation and, if so, at what point?

Great answers. thanks. I appreciate it.


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  • I'd stay with him, as I'm in the exact same situation and I would completely understand. Fair enough that some people don't understand it and don't understand what you're going through. If they just get up and leave though, then it goes to show they weren't the right person for you anyway. I honestly don't think you should tell her the first time you meet her or anything, I think you should let a girl get to know you a bit first before she can go and make any judgement. The guy I was seeing, I told after about 4 or 5 dates. It really depends, because it's if you feel comfortable enough to tell her then tell her,also maybe you will get to know the type of person she is first as well,she might show you that she is caring and understanding.Then when you realize she is, maybe then you can tell her,she does have a right to know though. My boyfriend didn't care when I first told him before we were official, that I had anxiety. But as time has gone on it does effect him, even still though, they will stick by you if they are understanding and are a good person,you are not your anxiety. There's so much more to a person than that and it's not our fault. At the end of the day we are the ones who suffer the most, if you can find a person that will look past it, then they are a keeper. Sorry for going on so much haha.


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  • i would stay with the guy. if you tell her the sooner the better

  • Yes I would

    I have anxiety, but I do not take medicine

    I can relate to him somehow lol

  • personally yes and would prefer that he would tell me those things the moment we are dating


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