Is the feeling mutual?

So this is going to be a bit of a tough one -- I think this only because it has stumped me pretty bad! You see, I tend to think I'm pretty sociable with women and the unfortunate issue with that is that it's pretty easy to make potential romances turn quickly into friendships. Having said that, in the past I have had no issues when it comes to finding a mate (besides the obvious ones.) I've been on a 2 year break from dating women in order to explore my options, and have found my self back to being interested in this woman I've met in one of my college classes.

Generally speaking, it's not too hard for me to make my intentions clear -- but after this 2 year break things seem to have reverted back to "first date" status. It's not so much that I'm shy, you see, but I feel like it's just very hard to read how this woman actually feels for me. She almost always agrees to go out with me and get food and never rejects me walking with her and talking with her after classes, but whenever we're out things just never seem to work out. I always feel like she situates herself very far away from me and acts distant, even if we're having a great conversation. We've hugged, generally after meetings, but I haven't really had to opportunity to try to hold her hand or kiss her due to her distance. The few times we have been close, the conditions seemed less than ideal for trying to make a move and she herself doesn't seem interested either. For example, we'll be out on a bench on campus and we'll be close yet she has the issue of not seeming to really want to "make a move" and for that reason, it's hard for me to determine if she'd be comfortable with me doing it.

Another issue I have is that she never really takes initiative to hang out. I've tried being mellow and a bit more reserved a few weeks and it's almost as if she doesn't seem to care! This seems almost reverse of some relationships, where a woman would almost be offended if I assumed that they needed me to arrange every date. I don't want to play "hard to get" all the sudden and just completely ignore her until she initiates something, but on the other hand her ambiguity is driving me up the walls!

I've used the word date a few times but honestly that word seems like over kill. On the other hand, our interactions have a strange feeling of being different than my usual interactions that I have with female friends -- this a bit more honesty and openness. I'm wondering if there's an honest concern on her part that I may be gay? Or maybe she's just not interested in me? Or am I just not being aggressive enough? I'm starting to believe it's all of the above.


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  • Lmao, what? Gay? Why gay?.

  • its a possibility


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