Why he doesn't talk or text?

i spent a day with a guy I'm seeing, we hung out at his place for a bit. did some sexual bedroom stuff. was there for a good 4 1/2 hrs than left. then I don't hear from him in like a day or 2 maybe 3. just want to know if he really cares or even likes me! at first he did or thought he did. sometimes I don't get a response. so I've decided not to worry bout it too much and not to bother him. if he cared he would at least let me know right?

just don't want to obsess over this


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  • The last line in your post is the key. You don't want to be the clingy stalker girl after one date. If you want to talk make sure you have something to say, like maybe an invite for another date if that's what you want. If he doesn't respond, drive on. You don't need to waste time and emotional sanity points dealing with someone that won't even respond after having sex.

    That said, keep in mind we Y chromosomes have a reputation for not communicating very well. Sometimes it's deserved. You might have to reach out. Just remember to reach out in a positive way and not attack the dude for being a dude.

    Dudes: If she's nice enough to go to bed with you, do her the courtesy of communicating with her afterward about whether you're interested in a re-match.

    • thanks I like your answer. definitely gonna keep this in mind. I like that last line you put. trust me I think he likes the bedroom stuff we do...i just want respect too.

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