To text or not to text - that is the question

So now your sitting just waiting to hear back from a text you sent some time ago after a date. lets say a day or so. No reply , nothing, Nada. Now your wondering if it went through or accidentally deleted or your phone has problems. It is driving you crazy...

  • Do you still wait...Fingers crossed
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  • Send another text asking if they are ok
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  • Forget them and do nothing
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  • Send a text telling them never to speak to you
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  • Move on and delete them from phones and friends listings
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  • this is a hard one... I hope she finally texts you back. BUT you could just text her again, what do you got to lose, you just had one date. if she is not interested at least you can move on to someone else rather than waiting. JUST TEXT HER.

    • The saying goes - too little to late I guess. Time moves along too fast... Thanks for the suggestion tho...

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    • Where is the womans heart? I could never to that to any guy I don't care who it is!

      I do believe everyone has the one person they are meant to be with, be patient, don't let any woman make you feel less and keep that big heart of yours open cause one day it will pay off.

      Happy holidays...

    • people are people. it does not bother goes on for the better..

      and thank you for your kind words.

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  • be patient go do something else


What Guys Said 1

  • First I don't text after dates unless the angel texts me. I'd rather call, or talk in person. Wait 5 days since the date, and call her. If you get voice mail...leave a message with your name, number, and a message to call you. Sending a text is pointless.

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