Dating someone new, now I am going away for the holidays- Help!

I moved 7 hours away to go to school this year, and recently I met someone and we have awesome chemistry. We talk every day, our phone conversations last at least 3 hours and its great. We haven't established an actual relationship though. We met online, talked for 3 weeks and have had one date, with another one this weekend.

I planned on going home for the holidays for one week in the middle of December, however, my mom decided to "surprise" me with tickets to come home earlier, so that I will essentially be gone for 3 weeks.

I am afraid that it could ruin what I have with this guy because of how new it is, and I don't know how appropriate it is to ask him if he will still be here when I get back. Would that be wrong of me to ask?


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  • I don't think that's wrong at all.

    Be honest with the dude, and say that your mom surprised you with tickets home, and you're gonna be gone earlier and longer than you expected.

    Make sure to let him know that you do really like him, and make sure to keep contact in some way, shape or form (phone, texting, IM, webcam, emails, etc).

    Like I've said before, guys find it refreshing when a girl is open with her feelings and thoughts, because frankly, while you're back home, he may be wondering where HE stands with YOU as well. Re-assure him that you have feelings for him! :)


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  • Not wrong. Important. Tell him he'd better be there when you get back if you want him to be there when you get back. Other options are invite him home, or stay there and find a fire to curl up beside with him . I'd say drag his butt to the holidays if you can. Nothing will tell you more about him than how he deals with the whole family gig. You'll either be firmly an item or broken up in a couple of days. :-)

    • Deff too soon to ask him home.

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    • because we've only had one date. I don't want to bring anyone around my family unless I am super serious about them. My family gets overly involved, and I don't want them involved until we have really established something. I don't want to introduce him then have it fall apart like 2 months later.

    • That makes sense.

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  • That's not wrong, why would it? You fancy him, he might fancy you too, go for it! Three weeks won't make him run away and chase other girls you know. And if he did, you're too good for him. Just go on the holiday, ask him if you'll have another date to catch up when you're back and you're set!

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