Why does he only text me when we don't talk, opposed to when we actually do?

There's this guy I work with, he used to flirt with my a lot, customers and other co workers would always comment. Now, there are days when we don't talk at all, he buses and I hostess, so it could just be because we're busy at work? The last few weeks, we have worked different shifts on the same day, and they overlap anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. He only comments on my leaving, like "wait you're leaving already?", then texts me as soon as I go. On the nights we work together, he texts me as soon as he gets cut, but doesn't talk to me at all really. Then on the night we worked together, and talked a lot, he didn't bother text me at all when he left.. Why is this?


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  • Because it you talk 24/7 he will seem clingy and you will get bored of him.


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