Women and dating sites?

Is there any real need for a woman to use a dating site, or are they just a scam to rob desperate men? If any of you women have used one what are some of the best? Please answer my poll.

  • No I havent
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  • Yes just as a confidence booster
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  • Yes looking for a long term relationship
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh, I've tried dating sites. I met a nice guy but he owned a pitbull and I'm deathly afraid of them so it wasn't going to work out. It was a shame because I really liked the guy. I'm sure he already found somebody else though.

    So for me, I haven't had much luck, most of the guys on dating sites I don't want to meet.


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What Girls Said 2

  • i said to hook up becasue me and my boyfriend recruit for 3 soms and such be pple know what I want on profile so if they look for love its on them caus I'm taken. anyway if there is no need for women there should be no need for men either lol and yes all genders do it for love and you have other pple who are looking for a selfish gain

  • desperate women...


What Guys Said 3

  • I wouln't be so radical. I know many good girls and guys searching for someone online, some of them trivially have no time to meet people in real life. But there are scammers also, but even they are detectable. Here is the list of unreliable dating services www.antiarnaques.org/.../check-if-a-russian-dating-site-is-honest-or-scam , for example, rather helpful to check before starting to play online.

  • Most of the women on dating sites are just looking to hook up with rich, hot dudes. A lot of them have STD's or are single moms but won't tell you. Honestly, you'll find higher quality girls offline.

  • 90% of women on those sites are interested in having their confidence boosted up, or want to date super hot/rich guys. Most dating sites have 3 to 4 times the amount of women compared to guys and they certainly won't settle for average men. I've tried online dating and then went back to flirting with women in real life, as they're far more receptive there. A lot of girls consider non-rich/hot guys on dating sites as losers. They won't tell you to your face, but they will ignore your messages. Learn how to approach girls in real life, as that's where a real relationship starts. The online vampires should be ignored. It felt very liberating to delete my online accounts. Don't even go there man!

    • This is the truth I agree I got tired of the dating sites.