We mostly text each other but I want more

I understand he's busy and he has a hectic schedule.

But I mean, I'm his girlfriend. I think besides seeing me 1-2 weekends a month he should call me more then 1-2x a month! I feel like recently he won't call me unless I ask him too and it really sucks.

I know he's tired though, whenever we talk he always yawns and he can say 'no It's just Because I'm laying down I just feel like yawning'. we don't talk very long. compared to couples around our ages we talk from 15-40 min max.

I feel greedy and immature about this but it makes me really sad. We don't have to webcam or have 5 hour long conversations, I just wish he'd call me a little bit more.

he's a really nice guy, and I don't want to hog him...are my feelings justified enough where I can tell him this?

at the same time I feel like my desire won't be answered. I can already hear him say 'i'm just really tired, I had a long day'. I don't want to overload him so if you guys have any advice to deal with this desire I am totally open for that too.
i did a terrible thing two days ago. He texted me and I ignored him for a couple of hours because seeing his text reminds me of what I can't tell him. we texted for a bit and I told him I'd understand if he's mad but he didn't reply. the next day he seemed fine but he didn't text me and today it's the same thing. He's been in san fran since fri and comes back today.

is that something to worry about? I told him I wanted to talk after his trip though.


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  • Try to bring it up in a gentle way. Of course, it all depends how long you've been together and what stage you are at.

    • it'll be 3 months this Sunday. I didn't have a problem the first month because he was still in my area but he got a job in his town and it's just gas guzzling and time consuming to drive back and forth which is why usually he stays the night at my place. he still lives with his parents and I have my own place because of school.

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    • alright thank you =]]] I feel a lot better now

    • hehe well I hope I did help :)

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