How he replys his text msg

I am dating a guy who is really thoughtful. But I am confused.

We started dating from end of September and everything goes good. He asked me to come out for Thanksgiving dinner too (I couldn't make it due to work).

We took time to just a kiss (8dates!). So I don't think that things are going too fast or anything. I think we are doing just great.

HOWEVER, I am wondering one thing... if I am thinking too much or he does not like me as I do.

Because whenever I text him "I miss you" or something sweet, he replies "hope your day is going well" or something like that. It is just so weird to me. I believe that he likes me and he started mentioning I am his girlfriend etc. So why can't he just say something sweet back to me?! I know I am not happy because I don't get what I want from him, but seriously, he is not missing me when I text him? That is why he does not say it? I don't know...

My friends told me that I should see his action because of "action speaks louder". And according to that, he likes me. He wants to see me every weekend, he gave me some space for my stuff in his apt, he pays me everything, he is affectionate when I am around him. I am sure he is seeing anybody but me and he plans things including me such as trip for next year etc. He even takes me to Vegas next week for my birthday.

Am I just being crazy? I just don't understand why he can't say "I miss you too" or something sweet when I text him... He does not flirt with me at all as well... Am I asking too much?

Only I can think of he is not good at those kind of things is because he is super geeky. But really? What do you guys think?


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  • I think you are over reacting. Calm down, he does likes you but some people are not good at expressing them vocally. My boyfriend doesn't says he miss me or he love me etc... but his actions speaks louder than words. I can feel he love me whenever we are together. As long as you feel love, words is not a big deal. Some guys like to sweet talk but their actions doesn't show it. Would you prefer those kind of men? so cheer up and be thankful that you are with a wonderful man.


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