Guys, why? What is the point of dating a girl if you don't really like her?

I have this guy that I fell in love with. He courted me at first but he stopped when some things happened and he just got so cold. After 2 months of ignoring my feelings though we speak because we have the same workplace. When I left my work, we don't see each other anymore, I texted him "Good Morning". He replied that afternoon. We got some heart heart conversation. He told me that he always loved me but he just hides his feelings because his friend courted me. And he asks if we can fix and settle things between us. Of course I agreed. But after 2 days, he did not texted nor called me anymore for almost 2 weeks now. I know that He's a busy guy but I don't understand. Is he sincere, or He's only playing. What will I do, should I forget him or should I call him?

Thank you guys: You gave me a thought to think.. But we are far to each other before he told me all the reasons why he got cold and he wanted us to fix it.

If its his stupid sides, he's really very stupid doing this I think. I will just wait for him to call me then. But still I will not lose hope:P
I will take courage first before calling him anytime this mOnth..:D


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  • ouch xD I've done this kind of stupidity out of fear, because I didn't know what to do next :P

    So I did nothing. Then as days went, I was thinking - should I write her something, I wrote her after 2 weeks (I had pretty bad memories of using email when some pretty intimidating stuff went on in there, even tho I went through I just don't like using email) and it was stupid in the end, as she didn't write back lol.

    There are chances he isn't playing, but he just doesn't know what to do. That would be me :P a fail. Still, seriously, if you are curious, do call him and see how he is, he might have actually gone a bit colder, but don't think its the end, it can be restored. If he opened his heart that means I think he trusts you. You don't know what is going on, so if I were you Id just call him. Can't hurt you more than both sides waiting.


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  • You know, I really don't know if there is a point. I don't think there is one. I ONLY date a girl if I REALLY like her and want to pursue a relationship with her.

    • so, what do thinks about this guy I mentioned?

  • You can't know if he isn't waiting for you to call him lol, can you see what is he thinking ? I guess not. If I were you, Id call him. Don't think you lower yourself by anything, just little things how he is etc., if you call and he won't for a long time call back, that would be really strange. When I was calling a girl it was always the way as if I was needy and so stressed I didn't know what to talk about so I kept it extremely short. When she called it was good actually lol... I think I've got this special girl to deal with xD and me being "special" too :p

  • "What is the point of dating a girl if you don't really like her?"

    Well for one thing, it's often easier to attract a girl if you already have a girlfriend.

    For another, there's the sex and stuff. Making out and all that that entails, is fun, even if you don't like the girl.

    Lastly, being on your own is often no fun at all. Having someone to go to things with, movies, parties, clubs, concerts, whatever... well, that's better than being on your own and doing nothing.

    • What he said, mostly the benefit of potentially getting laid. The point of hanging around someone you don't like? So you can use them. That's why people do it at all. You don't like this person, so if they didn't have SOMETHING you want, you wouldn't be talking to them, would you?

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