Why was so fidgety around me

Had a first date with this guy online who I've been talking to for a month. We had amazing conversation, he seemed to genuinely be interested in learning about me & we talked about a lot of deep & serious subjects in addition to laughing a lot & teasing. However the whole time he kept fidgeting. He was twisting his napkin, play with his hair, move around in his seat (he'd sit back then sit forward then repeat, he'd cross & uncross his arms & legs). Date lasted 3 hours and he didn't seem in a rush to leave plus he was completely engaged in the convo but his body language suggested either disinterest or nervousness.

While he walked me back he placed his hand on the small of my back & guided me through the crowd. He said he had a lot of fun tonight and kissed me goodbye while holding my hand tightly as we parted. His words & the kiss said that he liked me but his fidgeting made me think he was bored.


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  • First dates - every one get nervous. What are they thinking , do they like me, am I fun...

    Give it time and see if he contacts you. That will be the tell tale sign...

    good luck...


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  • He was nervous. Maybe he liked you so much he didn't want to say or do anything wrong! It's tough for guys too. You could see him again and see if he is less nervous. Do you like him? Could he be the one?

  • Nervousness for sure.


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