Is he just not interested or did offend him?

I met a guy at a friend's birthday party and we seemed to really hit it off when we first met. But when we went on our date, it didn't really feel the same. I was still very attracted to him so I gave him a long kiss before our date ended. We remained in touch here and there before I went out of town for a week and I got sick upon returning home. He reached out to me and I told him I had been sick. He said if I felt better we should "hang out" for the weekend. The weekend came. It was raining and I was not better. He sent me a text saying I should come visit him at his house. I kind of felt like he was inconsiderate because he didn't even see if I was feeling better first. Not only that, we had only been on one date and I didn't want to go to his house (plus it was raining, so what was his agenda?). I told him verbatim "I'm not saying you aren't a nice guy, but I don't feel like I know you that well enough to be coming over. Plus I'm still sick so I'd be coughing and sneezing everywhere and that wouldn't be fun". He replied with "OK" but from that point on, there was no more contact like before. I reached out to him to wish him Happy Thanksgiving and he replied but other than that, he has made no more attempts to be in touch or to talk to me.

So did I come off rude when I told him how I felt? Should I call to talk to him to let him know I'm still interested (just want to take things slow) or should I just move on/consider it a done deal?


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  • I think he has lost his interest in reality.

    He may of felt from your last conversation that it may have been a blow off.

    I do not think it was rude, however, if perhaps you ended it with, we can get together once I am feeling better...He would have believed you were still interested.

    You can try to communicate with him to see where he is at, but leave it short and see if he continues.

    Good luck...


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  • Maybe he's waiting for you to say something about going out or if you're feeling better and w.e.

    And no it wasn't rude but he may feel the ball is in your court with the way you said it.

  • What you said wasn't rude.

    You set boundaries. Good for you.

    It was pretty inconsiderate for him to ask you, while you're sick, to come to his place (a guy who you barely know), when clearly there wouldn't be much of an option except staying inside.

    He should show you more respect than that. You should find a guy who likes you for who you are and actually wants to get to know YOU.


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