Ladies, please help me figure this beautiful girl out

So, this girl and I have been talking non stop since we met. probably been about two weeks..everything was going great. I decided to ask her out for dinner, and she agreed. The evening of the dinner, she cancelled because she found out her grandma had cancer and was going to visit her. later that night she texted me and said

"im going to sleep I'm exhausted =/ sorry again about today lets please see each other soon! Goodnight text me when you wake up xoxo" I texted her in the morning...nothing...texted her before work nothing... then I saw she had a fb comment from some dude... I checked a few hours later and it was delted...but still no sighn of her...any thoughts ?


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  • drink more muscle milk


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  • When people are going through rough times, sometimes they like to be alone, maybe she's just absorbing all the events that have occurred to her. Give it some time, when you learn about something painful happening in your family such as a grandmother having cancer you kinda don't want to think about anything or anyone else but that person.


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