He saw my text but didn't respond until hours later?

I texted this kid I like this morning and he never answered but I saw him reply to my friend who texted him after I did! Then he finally answered like 2 hours later. What's up with that?


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  • It can be one of the following possibilities:

    1) Someone gave him a stupid advice that if you texted a girl too much or replied to her text right away she will assume you are desperate and will friend zone you. It's a very stupid advice, but rather common. So, he thought of replying after a while so you'd feel that he's a busy guy who has so many things in his life going on (even if he has nothing to do). He's not desperate.

    2) He really likes you and thinks A LOT before replying to you because he doesn't want to mess things up. He replied to your friend because he doesn't want to impress him/her, unlike you. He gotta think before he says anything.

    3) Nobody gave him any advice, nor he cares what to say. He is just manipulative and gets an ego boost from making you wait and playing your mind.

    If he didn't reply to your friend, I would have listed the possibility of him being busy. It happens. It's normal. Since he replied to your friend, then it's not a possibility.

    Choose one, haha.

    Hope this helps. :)


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  • more likely number 2, then 1. Number 3 is unlikely but possible. If it was 3 you should be able to see it who he is even before that, how he behaves to other people, for those who need no impression. :p


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  • What did you text him?

    Maybe it was awakard and he didn't know what to say

    Or maybe it required some thought and effort