Got caught in a lie.

Hey everybody. I'll try to make this short. I'm talking to this girl and everything has been going well. I haven't seen her in a couple months because I'm in school (she lives in my hometown). I told my best friend about her and he suggested we got on a double date with a girl that he's talking to when I get back home.

If we went on the double date, it would be the first date we'd go on after several months of not seeing each other (my friend will only be in town for 2 days). I didn't want the first date to be a double date; I wanted it to be just me and her.

I didn't want my friend to be offended so, I told him (through text) that I didn't want to do the double date because I wanted our first date in a while to be just us. This is where the lie comes in...Then I said that I talked to her about double dating generally and she didn't seem to keen on the idea.

So, the plot thickens. I send the text (explaining why I didn't want to double date) that was supposed to be for my friend to the girl that I'm talking to. It wouldn't have been that bad if the text message didn't contain a lie about her (saying that she didn't like the double dating idea, when in reality I hadn't even talked to her about it).

So, I had to explain myself after that. She was cool about it, and told me that since the text message was well worded, I should just send it to the right person. lol

So, I got caught in a lie. My question is, do you think that this is a strike against me, and do you think it's a big deal in her eyes. Everything has been going well with her and I don't want something like this to make her think less of me. Anyway, let me know what you think. Thanks!


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  • I don't think she'll think any less of you. If anything, I'd be flattered you'd just want a date with me, not with anyone else. She's probably thought 'he really likes me to want me to himself' and that your sweet for not wanting to hurt your friends feelings ether.

    If the text was worded badly it could of made her out to look like a bitch, but it doesn't seem the case here. Stop worrying about it.


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  • i thinjk should tell her


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